Lagundi Powder (100g)



Eases the symptoms of asthma and pharyngitis, facilitating improved respiratory health.

Alleviates discomfort caused by rheumatism, dyspepsia, boils, and diarrhea, promoting overall well-being.

Effectively treats cough, colds, fever, flu, and various bronchopulmonary disorders, supporting respiratory wellness.


Endorsed by the Philippine Department of Health as an effective herbal medicine with proven therapeutic value. Studies have shown that Lagundi can prevent the body’s production of leukotrienes, which are released during an asthma attack. Lagundi contains Chrysophanol D, a substance with anti-histamine and muscle relaxant properties.

Health Benefits of Lagundi:

  • Relief of asthma & pharyngitis
  • Relief of rheumatism, dyspepsia, boils, diarrhea
  • Treatment of cough, colds, fever, flu and other bronchopulmonary disorders
  • Alleviate symptoms of Chicken Pox
  • Removal of worms and boils

RECOMMENDED SERVING: 2 to 3x a day. ½ Teaspoon in 250ml water per serving. Can be taken before or after meal.
* You can add sweetener and serve it as tea
* Add it in your food as well


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