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    Activ Energy Capsule



    Designed to support mental clarity and focus, helping you perform at your best throughout the day.

    Nourish your immune system with the goodness of carefully selected herbs, helping you maintain a robust defense against everyday challenges.

    Our herbal blend supports heart health for overall wellness.

  • Activ Heart Capsule



    Aiding in the maintenance of a strong and healthy heart.

    Experience a natural uplift in energy levels, helping you stay active and vital throughout your day.

    Assist in maintaining a balanced approach to weight management.

  • Gotu-Kola Capsule


    CONTENT: 500mg x 105 Capsules (5pcs for Free)
    INGREDIENT: Pure Gotu-Kola Dried Leaves Powder
    DIMENSION: 5cm width x 11cm height
    WEIGHT: 75 grams
    PACKAGING: Dark Amber 200ml
    RECOMMENDED SERVING: 2 to 3 Capsules a day. Can be taken before or after meal.

  • Gotu-Kola Powder (100g)



    Enhances memory and concentration, boosting cognitive function.

    Eases symptoms of nervous disorders, promoting mental well-being.

    Offers potential support for individuals with multiple sclerosis, aiding in symptom management.

  • Malunggay Capsule



    Naturally enhance breastmilk production, supporting the nutritional needs of both mother and baby.

    Strengthen your immune system, promoting overall well-being for you and your child.

    Our formulation includes elements that are known to support cognitive function, aiding in mental clarity and focus.

  • Malunggay Powder (100g)



    Boosts energy levels and sustains vitality naturally, enhancing overall well-being.

    Nurtures the body’s immune system, fortifying its ability to fend off illnesses.

    Enhances and stimulates breast milk production, supporting nursing mothers’ needs.

  • SxUP: Seductive Coffee Brew (10 sachets)



    Boosts testosterone levels, enhancing vitality and promoting overall well-being.

    Strengthens stamina, improving endurance and performance in daily activities.

    Facilitates weight loss, aiding in achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition.