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    Activ Energy Capsule



    Designed to support mental clarity and focus, helping you perform at your best throughout the day.

    Nourish your immune system with the goodness of carefully selected herbs, helping you maintain a robust defense against everyday challenges.

    Our herbal blend supports heart health for overall wellness.

  • Activ Heart Capsule



    Aiding in the maintenance of a strong and healthy heart.

    Experience a natural uplift in energy levels, helping you stay active and vital throughout your day.

    Assist in maintaining a balanced approach to weight management.

  • Activ Joint Capsule



    Achieve healthy bones and muscles with our holistic solution.

    Carefully selected herbs to achieve glowing skin.

    Our herbal blend supports liver health, aiding detoxification and upkeep for overall wellness.

  • Ampalaya Leaf Capsule



    Promote liver health, assisting in its optimal functioning and detoxification processes.

    Maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of a balanced lifestyle.

    Healthy cholesterol levels, supporting cardiovascular well-being.

  • Banaba Leaf Capsule



    Assist in the natural dissolution and removal of kidney stones, promoting urinary tract health.M

    Manage diabetes as part of a comprehensive care plan.

    Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, supporting overall cardiovascular wellness.

  • Golden Zen: Turmeric Fusion Mix (100g)



    Supports the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, promoting overall cardiovascular well-being for a relaxed state of being.

    Provides relief from anxiety, fostering a tranquil and balanced mental state for enhanced peace of mind.

    Supports liver health, offering valuable assistance for those managing chronic liver conditions while alleviating muscle and joint pain.

  • Guyabano Capsule



    Formulated to help prevent anemia by providing essential nutrients for healthy blood production.

    Support strong and healthy bones, contributing to overall skeletal wellness.

    Our formulation includes elements that help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), promoting urinary system health.

  • Immunity Guardian Gift Package- Malunggay and Mangosteen Food Supplements Pure and Organic FDA Approved

    This holiday season, elevate your well-being with Tropical Blend’s Immunity Guardian Gift Package! 🌈🎁 Enriched with the power of Mangosteen and Malunggay, it’s your passport to immunity, energy, tranquility, weight balance, and memory enhancement! 💖✨ Embark on a journey to health today and gift your loved ones a season of vitality! 🍹🎄 #TropicalBlendHealthGift #SipToCelebrate #WellnessWishes

  • Kidney Defender Gift Package- Sambong and Banaba Food Supplements Pure and Organic FDA Approved

    Elevate your health game with the Kidney Defender Gift Package from Tropical Blend! Unleash the power of Sambong and Banaba to kick diabetes, kidney stones, UTIs, fluid retention, and kidney failure to the curb! Start your healthy journey now and give your family the ultimate holiday treat! #KidneyDefender #HealthyHolidays #TropicalBlendMagic
  • Malunggay Capsule



    Naturally enhance breastmilk production, supporting the nutritional needs of both mother and baby.

    Strengthen your immune system, promoting overall well-being for you and your child.

    Our formulation includes elements that are known to support cognitive function, aiding in mental clarity and focus.

  • Mangosteen Capsule


    CONTENT: 500mg x 105 Capsules (5pcs for Free)”
    INGREDIENT: Pure Mangosteen Dried Leaves Powder Pure Mangosteen Dried Peel Powder
    DIMENSION: 5cm width x 11cm height
    WEIGHT: 65 grams
    PACKAGING: Dark Amber 200ml
    RECOMMENDED SERVING: 2 to 3 Capsules a day. Can be taken before or after meal.

  • Sambong Capsule



    Assist in the dissolution and elimination of kidney stones, promoting urinary tract wellness.

    Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, supporting cardiovascular health..

    Provide relief from sore throat discomfort, offering a soothing effect.

  • Serpentina Capsule



    Maintenance of healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, contributing to overall cardiovascular well-being.

    Find relief from anxiety, promoting a calmer and more balanced mental state.

    Support liver health, making it a valuable addition for those dealing with chronic liver conditions.

  • SxUP: Seductive Coffee Brew (10 sachets)



    Boosts testosterone levels, enhancing vitality and promoting overall well-being.

    Strengthens stamina, improving endurance and performance in daily activities.

    Facilitates weight loss, aiding in achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition.

  • Trinity Force Gift Package- Malunggay, Mangosteen, Mulberry Food Supplements Pure and Organic FDA Approved


    Unwrap the gift of good health with Tropical Blend’s Trinity Force Gift Package! 🎁✨ Packed with the power trio of Mangosteen, Malunggay, and Mulberry, it’s not just a present – it’s a boost for your immunity, a surge of energy, your secret weapon against anxiety, a companion in weight loss, and a memory enhancer! 🌿💪 Let the relaxation kick in as you start your healthy journey now! 🌈✨ Treat your family to a holiday filled with wellness – because nothing says ‘I love you’ like the gift of health! 🎄💚 #TropicalBlend #HealthyHolidays #TrinityForceMagic